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Clay Poker Chips

There’s something particularly distinguished about playing poker with a set of clay poker chips.  Distinguished by the elusive charm of old Vegas, clay chips evoke nostalgia for a simpler time when poker was straightforward and the simplest of materials was used to keep count of a player’s earnings. stocks a variety of brand-name clay poker chips, each competitively priced and designed with simplicity in mind.  For lightweight, classic-style poker chips, clay poker chip sets are must-haves and should be included in any poker enthusiast’s collection.

These chips are designed in a variety of colors and are embellished both with logos and monetary values.  All clay chips can be shipped same-day so you can have your order arrive in time for your next poker night.  So if you’re seeking out these classics for a night of Texas Hold’em or old-fashioned seven-card stud, you won’t have to wait for long when you order from