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Modiano Burraco Playing Cards - Red & Blue


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Modiano Burraco Playing Cards - Red & Blue
This deck of cards is a specialty deck for the game of Burraco. This deck is 100% plastic and is made by Modiano. 100% plastic cards are typically 20 times as durable as their plastic coated counterparts. Plastic Decks are also waterproof, will not show wear, are resistant of damage, and will deal with professional ease. Buraco is a Rummy-type card game for four players in set partnerships in which the aim is to lay down a combination in groups of cards of equal rank and suit sequences, there being a bonus for a combination of seven cards or more. Buraco is a variation of Canasta, originated in Uruguay and Argentina in the mid-1940s, with apparent characteristics of simplicity and implications that are often unforeseeable and absolutely involving. Its name derives from the Portuguese word "buraco" which means œhole , applied to the minus score of any of the two partnerships. Buraco is played with two 54-card decks (52 cards and 2 jokers) of standard playing cards for a total of 108 cards. Team members sit opposite each other, so that no team member is sitting next to their own teammate.