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How do I use the Advance Design Tool?

 1. Check if the object you are tyring to edit is locked. Once selected, press the "Unlock" button on the right hand side.
   2. Check if the object is behind one or more other objects, this can make it diffcult to select the bottom objects(s)
   3. The best way to change the background color or texture is to select the "Background" button the left hand side (note this will generally note overwrite assigned image layers such as "Your Logo").
   4. DO NOT copy and page text objects to create duplicates, this can cause display errors.
   5. To create curved text, Create a regular text oject and align it to center (alignment tool is below the font size), then select "Curved Text" to create a Text Path. You can now change the Radius of the Curved Text Path, or reverse the Arc by selecting "Reverse Arc".

Be sure to check the Clip Art gallery for useful images, shapes and backgrounds for your Custom Poker Chip Designs.
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