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Nevada Jack 500ct Ceramic Poker Set - Walnut Nevada Jack Ceramic Poker Sets

MSRP $8.99

10 gram Nevada Jack 500ct Walnut Ceramic Poker Set

Nevada Jack 500ct Ceramic Poker Set - Walnut is available for purchase in increments of 1


Get ready for a great poker game with the Nevada Jack Ceramic Poker Set! These world renowned Nevada Jack poker chips are the closest thing to a casino chip that you are going to get outside of Vegas. At 10 grams each, they are the average casino chip weight. They have a highly textured face and an extremely cool design depicting a poker playing skull holding "The dead man's hand". These casino grade chips have been available for sale since 2002 and have gained huge popularity because of their cool design and great feel. Many casinos around the world use ceramic chips. Ceramic chips are of a much higher quality than composite or even most clay composites. These ceramic chips have a textured surface and the graphics are printed directly on the chip as opposed to an inlay or sticker used on Clay Chips. Each Nevada Jack Ceramic Poker Set comes with a beautiful walnut wooden case that includes a dealer button & 2 decks of cards. The Walnut Wooden case comes with 5 removable chip trays that hold 100 chips each. Shiny brass locking mechanisms compliment the outside of the case, while the inside is lined with a soft green felt that protects your chips. Below the removable trays is a storage space that holds your cards, dealer buttons, money or any number of things you need to store with your poker set. Standard Breakout $1 - 150 $5 - 100 $25 - 100 $100 - 100 $500 - 25 $1000 - 25

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